In 2001 I started learning Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to help with our Church website.  As the years passed and different people came and went, our team had to learn as much about programing or developing our website as we did designing it.   My dad (Mr. Creative) and I began to help friends and family with their small businesses (logos, business cards, brochures and signs) as well as wedding invitations, programs, etc. It became a great opportunity for me to stay home and raise a family while I worked.

In 2007 Aluli Designs was born and, with the help of my favorite Aunt, outside business began to come in at a steady rate.  My first two larger clients happened to call me within the first month of bringing home our first child.   As time went on client needs have brought incredible experience with magazine and newspaper ads across the country, online ads of every sort, e-newsletters, and more.

While I did know the basics of building a website and making it look great, WordPress has opened up a world of technical ease and enhancements that can only come with the unlimited world of Open Source collaboration.  I can often create a website in 1-3 days and hand it off to the owner to continue or make periodic changes according to their needs. I love it!

That’s about where I am today.  Continuing to learn from the web developer community and serving the most enthusiastic and kind clients a person could ask for.  Please check out the portfolio for some of my past work.  Thank you for taking the time!